CV. Volodymyr Nakonechnyi

Volodymyr Nakonechnyi, 0965505445 (0973409392), 15000-80000 (Kyiv, Rusanivka)


Help the business/owner or top management solve marketing problems on mutually beneficial terms, while simultaneously forming the agency’s client portfolio

General information:

37-year-old from Kyiv, married. Ukrainian — native, Russian — fluent (but less and less used), English – Upper Intermediate.

Software: MS Office, СМS (Magento, WordPress), 1C, Photoshop, Bitrix24 etc

Usually those around me consider intellectual development (IQ-test 144 out of 160 max.) to be the key to efficiency. Its benefits include, in particular, observation and the ability to think analytically and synthetically, as well as the ability to apply non-standard (creative) approaches.

Education (2 h/e):

  • 2007-2010 Management/marketing of organizations – Lviv National University, Faculty of International Law and Business, master’s degree.
  • 2002-2007 Pedagogy/informatics – State Pedagogical University in Drohobych, Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy, specialist.

Experience, professionalism and expertise:

As an experienced practicing marketer (not to be confused with a marketologist), for more than 14 years of successful activity in the field at various b2c/b2b enterprises as various narrow specialists and as a general head of the direction (all details in the profile):

  1. Mastered almost the full range of competencies required for the implementation of marketing functions: both in the role of a specialist and the head of a department or project as a whole
  2. Developed methods of effective interaction with authorized persons of businesses (owners, directors, investors, etc.) in both office and remote formats
  3. Repeatedly checked the effectiveness of professional approaches to researching the subject, as well as the development of solutions and planning, implementation and control of their implementation
  4. Formed the ability of panoramic perception of business marketing issues: I can identify not only consequences and causes, but also reveal unrealized potential
  5. Co-founded the non-ordinary marketing agency “Marketernya”

As a specialist and manager I:

  1. Practically possess knowledge and skills in the field of digital marketing: PPC, GAds, SEA, SEO, GAnalytics, SMM+targeting (SMA), Email/SMS, mobile applications, etc.
  2. Develop, plan, implement and optimize advertising campaigns for various target audiences
  3. Have extensive management experience that allows me to distinguish competitive advantages, research markets, develop products, promote businesses, express design, adjust sales, optimize business processes, build loyalty, etc.
  4. He has already carried out several successful transformations of brand presentation communications of businesses (cosmetic or complete rebranding, positioning, presentations, etc.);
  5. Have the majority of offline marketing tools (outdoor advertising, audio advertising, print media, POSM, partner placements, etc.)
  6. Feel the “balance of the magic of words”, I write in my own hand oriented to the consumer and search engine algorithms (my article topped the competitive TOP for years), I create content plans for blogs and content marketing strategies, integrate narrative into communications etc;
  7. Effectively brief various contractors on professional technical tasks (graphic and video design, web development, copywriting, highly specialized issues, etc.);
  8. Able to deploy an effective marketing system based on both a valid landing page (lead generation) and ensure the creation of a full-fledged (capital) site;
  9. Create a web resource starting with the intellectual collection of semantics, content, technical knowledge, web development, layout, link building and ending with its promotion;
  10. Ensure the adaptability of cooperation formats: office employment, consulting, outsourcing, management partnership, etc.
  11. Can attract any narrow specialists, especially those who share certain ethical values
  12. Implemented several social marketing projects, mostly in the field of popularization of the state language and with the direct participation of state institutions, but not only
  13. Adhere to the original principles of “marginal marketing utility”, “budget marketing”, “communication mastery”, highlight “business-marketing mentality”, etc.

Models of cooperation:

In accordance with the original “medical marketing concept”, as a rule, I start cooperation with an initial consultation and continue with an audit, as a result of which:

  1. implement the recommended on mutually beneficial terms in the format of (production) consulting, office work, outsourcing or management partnership
  2. focus only on consulting managers or limit myself to the interpretation of recommendations to specialists selected for their implementation
  3. provide a useful “panoramic view of business marketing from the outside”, etc

In general, the combination of experience and expertise in the marketing field, adaptability and the possibility of attracting experienced specialists in related fields – allows businesses to attract an effective marketing resource in my person on mutually beneficial terms.

Brief information about the professional development:

2021-2022 HBMedical Medical Center. Marketer. 1) Completed site preparation for launch 2) Developed, configured, launched and optimized Google search advertising campaigns 3) Configured site tracking in analytical services 4) Conducted the first wave of content marketing 5) Developed several trade marketing activities 6) Coordinated an external campaign and radio advertising 7) Found contractors for the installation of multimedia signs and supervised their uninterrupted operation 8) Created pages in social networks, presented and started a strategy for promotion in social networks 9) Provided administrators with structured information on improving the quality of service 10) Conducted several photo shoots, improved the section “Team” 11) Developed a solution for the integration of the medical information system and the web 12) Improved the system for collecting reviews and recognizing patients 13) Developed a system for periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing tools 14) Conducted filming and production coordination of a presentation video clip with the selection of actors, development scenario and communications 15) Answered Google reviews, analyzed complex situations, offered options 16) Prepared presentations for tenants and insurance companies, carried out elements of communication with partners, etc.

2020-2021 System integrator of medical laboratories TerraLab. Marketing consultant. Productive cooperation periodically continues in an optimized format that allows you to focus on other interesting projects. As for the achievements – several audits of laboratory sites, analytics, targeted and contextual advertising, development of special products, marketing reinforcement of a wide range of communications, creation of presentations, curation of photo sessions and videos, etc.  

2020-2021 JazzDent dental clinic. Marketer. As in the case with the company above, as a result of close cooperation over the past period, it was possible to find out the “marginal usefulness of marketing at this stage of business development” and translate the interaction into a format that allows you to fully immerse yourself in another interesting project. Experience: marketing audit, collection of semantic core, curation of video animations, preparation of landing pages, setting of contextual advertising (GoogleAds), targeting on Facebook, elements of rebranding, sales concepts, etc.

June-October 2020 – IT company, promotion of the DocRadar mobile application: 1) Developed the presentation structure and branding elements (presentation texts, video presentation designer clips of various lengths, banners, booklets, web, instructions, flyers); 2) Created a marketing platform (competitor analysis, audience segmentation, selection of promotion tools and channels); 3) Selected, configured and targeted audiences on Facebook/Instagram 4) Created a narrative and content marketing strategy using additional sites to separate b2c/b2b audiences, etc.

November 2019 — May 2020 “Lessons” network of tutoring centers. I did a marketing audit, segmented CA (there was none), optimized campaigns in GoogleAds and Facebook (they worked much more effectively), wrote and controlled the TOR for optimizing landing pages (organic applications appeared), created naming intelligence (wow effect) and communicated the need logo update. Determined the need to switch to a network presentation on Facebook (and carried it out). Justified the need to develop and launch a site optimized for search (the landing page required constant low-effective investment in advertising), assembled a full semantic core (clusters, hierarchy), wrote a detailed TOR (structure, functionality), found an adequate web developer, wrote the main 10 articles independently ( and created TK for copywriters for another 150, the execution of which he supervised), developed the concept of visual brand presentation and supervised the implementation (10 universal plots for on- and offline branding) and supervised all processes of manufacturing the final product. I tested the site by directing advertising from Facebook and found an increase in behavioral factors by an order of magnitude.  

October-November 2019: cleaning company “Solidcare”, production-consulting cooperation with effective promotion on Instagram, development of branding materials and concepts, copywriting, SEO analysis, implementation of SMM, creation of TOR on site usability and branding profiles in social networks, etc.

September-October 2019: plastic surgery clinic “Perfecto Room“, project cooperation on marketing audit and development of contextual advertising and general marketing strategy (site, blog, video, communications, branding, SEO, SMM, etc.)

July-August 2019: marketing audits and project cooperation with IT company “Verna” and office furniture manufacturer “KulikSystems” (ItalDesignTrade)

December 2018-July 2019: Express Service, office supplies. 1) Conducted a marketing audit; 2) Developed and, with the involvement of a designer, implemented the rebranding concept (logo, presentation article, 8 stories and 8 aspect articles); 3) Increased the effectiveness of email marketing by 25-40%; 4) Optimized GoogleAds campaign investment by 50-350%; 5) Significantly improved SMM (design, reach, interactions, subscribers) and outlined a development program; 6) Developed a content plan and SEO promotion strategy, etc. 7) Created TOR to improve site usability.

May-October 2018: Tour operator “Sakums”: 1) Conducted a marketing and SEO audit; 2) Expanded and supplemented the semantic core; 3) Justified and implemented the rebranding of the logo; 4) Increased the effectiveness of contextual advertising: rejections-20%, time*2, pages*2; 5) Developed a content marketing strategy and partially implemented it – proved the effectiveness of promotion in TOP; 6) Created an effective communication narrative; 7) Increased SMM efficiency: subscribers+25%, reach of posts*5; 8) Developed a new naming concept for services and promotional offers; 9) Prepared suggestions for improving the site’s usability; 10) Partially adjusted the meta tags of the site; 11) Made a SWOT analysis of the tour product as a participant in the trip; 12) Justified measures to increase the proportion of sales of optional excursions 13) Analyzed online competitiveness in the organic TOP and outlined the path of its two-fold increase in 3-4 months.

August-May 2017-18. Porter Pub.

In 2017, cooperation took place on the basis of full-time employment as an acting director of marketing, communications and corporate development: 1) Conducted a marketing audit; 2) Made a tour of all (34 at that time) establishments of the network in Kyiv and prepared a SWOT analysis of the marketing status of each establishment; 3) Created the original concept of the Oktoberfest celebration “TelePorter”; 4) Conducted several local marketing campaigns; 5) Justified the need to create a multifunctional web resource; 6) Generated the concept of increasing sales through a blog 7) Outlined the structure of effective network SMM; 8) Created a technical task for the site and selected a contractor; 9) Provided recommendations on the development of the HR brand, offline marketing, external design, naming; 10) Created a triune concept of commercialization of the brand’s online environment (site, blog-SMM, advertising).

In 2018, cooperation took place as a remote partner for online development: 1) Created a step-by-step commercialization plan for the brand’s online environment; 2) Collected the semantic core; 3) Segmented the target audience for the blog; 4) Generated a content plan for promotion to the top; 5) Detailed the structure and functionality of the web resource, which would allow not only to sell more to network visitors, but also to the network audience itself – advertisers.

April-August 2017. MEKHBUD plant. Digital-lead. Full project cooperation with the manufacturing plant, where: a) collected and segmented a voluminous semantic core, b) created new contextual advertising campaigns (Ukraine and neighboring countries), c) organized a schematic of a more effective ice processing process, d) generated several content concepts – organic promotion strategies, e) created several landing pages; f) worked out ideas for B2B and B2C promotion, g) set up a system of “reanimation” of leads with the involvement of the workforce.

January-April 2016-17. Dynamica Company. Head of the marketing department. Full-time employment during which: 1) Launched a 30% ready online store; 2) Collected the semantic core; 3) Drafted a content plan for promotion to the TOP; 4) Created contextual advertising campaigns; 5) Conducted a presentation on the disclosure of local digital potential for regional representatives; 6) Organized the preparation of POS materials: banners, price lists, calendars, stickers, etc.; 7) Prepared for 2 “Motobike” exhibitions; 8) Justified the need for an evolutionary redesign of the logo; 9) Created an original concept for launching the company’s own brand on the market. 10) Raised the visibility of product brands and the brand of the company itself.

January-November 2014-15. Aksimed Clinic. Head of the marketing department. The main KRIs of the almost 2-year period of management activity: 1) Increase of the average loading rates of the “production” capacities of the clinic from 40-60% to 90-100%, which increased the profitability of the business by 2-3 times; 2) Threefold increase in the average monthly number of customers attracted through online means and ROI growth from 1:2 to 1:18 Online: 1) Directly coordinated the transfer of the site from the old engine to the new platform and the first-level domain. 2) Conducted a system audit of the quality of contextual advertising settings in AdWords and Direct; 3) Carried out cosmetic and capital restructuring and redesign of the main and secondary pages of the site with improved usability; 4) Implemented a complete replacement of low-quality content on the site by writing articles that drive sales and involving a team of copywriters for most others; 5) Implemented the principles of building a permanent content marketing program; 6) Developed a qualitatively new module for the “Doctors” site, which eventually became one of the best in Ukraine; 7) Implemented trilingualism of the site; 8) Developed the structure of the adaptive mobile version; 9) Audited the state of internal and external search optimization and developed a plan to improve its effectiveness; 10) Activated the work with social networks and integrated a separate subdomain for the blog on the site; 11) Systematized work with reviews on special resources; 12) Performed a complex transformation of the one-page subdomain “Rehabilitation Center”. Offline: 1) Optimized and correctly carried out contractual cooperation with insurance companies; 2) Conducted negotiations and conducted business correspondence on behalf of the clinic, including English-speaking; 3) Optimized marketing tools “distribution of printing” and “interaction with partner doctors”; 4) Developed presentation booklets and a brochure; 5) Participated in the creation of the script and direct filming of the video presentation of the clinic. 6) Analyzed statistical data and assisted in making strategic management decisions; 7) Established a daily reporting system. 8) Initiated and organized partnership cooperation with a well-known mass media; 9) Involved a cool designer in cooperation and created a series of creative stories “that were impossible to pass by”; 10) Developed a presentation brochure, proposing the concept of images and copyright. 11) Created a package product “Medical examinations (Check-Ups)” and found a stable audience for its sales; 12) Coordinated and executed orders or replacements of branding elements: letterhead, folders, badges, pens, packages, badges, cups, diaries, cars, etc.; 13) Attended three conferences of managers of private medical institutions; 14) Conducted a number of trainings and presentations of an educational and marketing nature for clinic employees; 15) Developed key elements of the system of adaptation and integration of personnel into the corporate life of the institution; 16) Provided more than 20 events in the conference hall using visual attributes of event management; 17) Created a visualization of scientific and methodical; 18) Created a strategy for reforming the “Call Center” (contact center with a motivation system); 19) Created the concept of brand marketing, etc.

December 2012-January 2014. Product manager for the sale of consumables. TSK-COPYPRINT. Created a base in Ukraine, established wholesale cooperation

April-July 2012. Realtor “Blagovist”, “Espert-Nerukhomist”, sold two apartments

August-November 2012. Sales manager. Insurance company “Insurance Capital”. Successfully sold insurance, created a project to “restart” the company, which was implemented

November 2007- November 2011. Five-star resort complex “Rixos-Prykarpattia”, Truskavets. Made a career from cashier to head of department. Created and partially implemented the project of comprehensive reform of the medical center

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